The MapleStory mechanics

And one last thing, there’s a feedback in this forum about the meso rate in reboot. One of the questions there is “How is the meso rate per hour when you train with normal intensity (please include if you use a pet and what level).” If pets wouldn’t give players such huge advantage then he wouldn’t care wether someone’s using a pet or not.

I would have expected better of you since you’re actually one of the names I see quite a bit on the forums being productive as well as constructive.

With all due respect, you are 100% wrong on this. Your conclusion, specifically, not how you got there. It’s not exactly about the loot delay, no. It’s about how many items a pet can pick up simultaneously, the mechanics of how that works, and from what computer, specifically, the pet is looting from.

When a player picks up an item, the game looks at what’s the ‘furthest away’ item from the relative ‘front of the MapleStory Mesos screen’ within your character’s lootbox. That’s the item you grab first. This is how a lot of the older players can loot mesos while being behind other items at the same time. It’s all mechanics and that’s how the game works.

That being said, a player can only pick up one item at once. When you pick an item up, there is a small delay before you can loot again. From what I’ve gathered, that’s a combination of ‘computer lag’ and ‘client-server lag’. The former you can fix by getting better hardware, the latter you really can’t. Even with a fiber line for internet connection, it will not increase the speed of which the server prioritizes your client versus any other clients connecting to it at the same time.

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