Albion Online Weapon diversity

I assume this is already something being worked on but want to add it in anyway as it is very important to me. This covers both allowing all weapons to be used at novice tier (instead of just a very limited selection) and skill diversity on weapons (every slot on every weapon should have AT LEAST 2 abilities to choose from, 3-4 would be much better). Especially important is allowing all 1h Albion Online Power Leveling weapons to be used for tanking, so giving them the aoe taunt and the option for increased threat generation. Honestly I think even more than just the 1h weapons should be used for this as I don’t see a reason to limit who can tank. If your frost mage wants to tank with his AOEs, I’m all for it, more diversity is better.

The silver needs to be reduced a large amount or other aspects of the game need to change. One full run of a 3-5 man dungeon will net 5 people 50k+ silver each and doesn’t take that long to complete. Solo farming doesn’t even come close to this, or duo farming, and it seems a bit excessive to me. Additionally, I think the chance of loss should be reduced so silver also needs to come down.

I do not like having some random items breaking on death, sometimes a whole lot of items break for no reason that I understand. I assume it is to keep the economy moving since you have to replace those items but i wouldn’t rather see a durability degenerating system so gear just can’t be repaired forever instead of a pure luck based system that punishes you extremely severely if you are unlucky. Additionally something should be changed so that nakeds cannot just follow you around hoping someone dies to snag your gear and you cannot do anything about it since it is a green zone Albion Mall area. It doesn’t align well with other aspects of the game but instancing would probably be the easiest fix to stop this kind of behavior.

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