The Drag & Drop Albion Online system

1.Party System – it was nice when you were in a guild together but I would love to be able to party with a friend who isn’t in my guild and have him marked as “not a threat” when we play together.

2. Minimap – I would love more options to interact with it, the double-click “Ping” was nice, maybe some Albion Gold Mall  personal markers or waypoints to mark locations for your party/group. I also come from Runescape and would love a feature where you would click on the Minimap and your character would do his best to travel to that location using the shortest path. you could easily break away by clicking off the map once to force a different movement or path.

3. Inventory – It felt a little slow with the Drag & Drop system, which reminds me when Minecraft had a  Albion Online Power Leveling similar feel to it, then they implemented the option to “SHIFT + Click” for an instant deposit/withdrawal of items to the nearest available open slot from top to bottom. As well as Left -click to pick up stack of items, Right-click to put down one from the stack or Left-click to put down the whole stack again. This system seems Simple and VERY convienent, also looting dead bodies and mobs would be faster in my opinion.

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