That further illustrates the Albion Online point

It’s okay OfficerDoofy. Your stance has been duly noted, and your belligerent post clearly stating that you will insult anyone who disagrees with you has also been reported. I really don’t expect SBI to do anything though. They seem good at making threats. Let’s see if they will do the Cheap Albion Online Gold community a favor and remove your toxicity from the forums, and if we are really lucky from the game as well. Your kind are not needed, nor are they wanted. I’m sure you’ll insult me too. I mean it’s a sign of a great mind to insult people when he cannot argue effectively with facts. You are obviously one of the people who abuses this duel bug. Otherwise, why in the world would you get so offended that people dislike the exploit? Logic rules. I will continue to be the E Police and watch your threads, reporting any and all that are abusive. Go ahead and try me, internet tough guy.

You’re funny. You attack me with statements that you cannot hope to prove. You do so with terrible grammar that shows that you are actually the stupid one here. You think you are winning a discussion by being an insulting prick. That further illustrates the point that you are a low IQ, irrelevant internet bully. Way to go! You win at being an asshole, as you so aptly but grammatically incorrectly stated. Nice going, really. And to those that must know, I am NOT the Albion Mall  grammar police, but when some boor with a mental age of maybe 10 calls me stupid when he cannot even form a complete sentence with correct grammar, then yes, I will POLICE him.

Because I know OfficerDoofy needs the short version. You haven’t won a discussion. You have only made it clear you support exploits. Your attacks have not won anything. You are a loser.

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