Good Item Albion Online Mall Ideas.

1. custom cloak design’s. upload new designs for cloaks to make people more unique. could cost 5k gold to buy a skin. cloaks are #1 selling item in the game.

2. Ramparts- Movable Albion Mall Ramptarts or catapults used for a siege on castle. have it in ur build icon or transport it there on a oxe to help break down castle doors or splash dmg on zergs.

have it that u need the materials to craft. like 300 ceder planks 100 blood oak logs and 600 gold per unit.

3. More uploaded Colors for cloaks. and Cloak Custom cuts. example a cloak that has back and front image.

4. Add ons to enchanted gear. Making enchanted armors look diffrent.

5. Blessed Enchantment scrolls- Being able to enchant A item giving it a grace upon death. Wont drop 1 x on death but wears off 2nd death with no enchantment leads to item being droped.

6. Race change. changes ur race into another. elf, orc, troll, etc

7. Certain New areas Like Fire valley or Frost mountain, Death valley. Sanctuary of evil. just new areas. that are themed. you can make it at the beginning of the area there is a Troll Toll booth and need 500 gold to accesss the area Gotta pay that troll that owns the Bridge. nahhh mean. and in this area can havea small town Like a guild Albion Online Power Leveling territory that allows you to access certain bank items but the rest of the map plots can be devided into the 3 zones again. few green few yellow few black zones. Giving players more variety of areas

8. I like the game but i think there is 0 creativity put into it. content the game has gets old within 30 days.

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