Appealing Albion Online Game Mechanic

I was against battlegrounds at 1st but at this point, i dont see a way around it. The devs are constantly adding in instanced content to the point I hardly EVER see anyone in red zones while looking for PvP. We’ve tried all times of day and usually roam for about 3 hrs with 5. It’s been like this every single day for the last 2 weeks and now you’re adding solo instances. At this point, please just add a zone for PvP like Dark Age of Camelot had. You’re not going to find Albion Mall people grinding, most gathering spots are full, and you can’t enter blue portals when a group is inside so the game is just boring at this point. Oh and before you say try hellgates….out of the 5 we’ve done in 2 days, 2 of the times we ran into our alliance, 2 times had 0 people, and 1 time had a group of 3. Mind you our guild has about 8 actives and our alliance has less than that lol.

So yeah I am sorry quit complaining, asking for core changes to the game, and stating incorrect facts due to your own ignorance of the game. I Just joined this game during this CBT test and i roam solo and in small groups and have none of these complaints. I learn more about the in’s and outs of the game daily. But i can do what your complaining about can’t be done. I would say i got the knowledge to do that in under 24 hours of gameplay. Most of us defending the current core mechanics just want a game with meaningful PVP.

I agree. I hear this crap, and I think to myself. Yep, keep ragging everyone who has an idea. Even if an idea is perfectly viable and would not impact their game play, some people are threatened by anything that they think will prevent them from getting their gank on. At best, this is going to be a niche game. That’s not an overly appealing game mechanic. That’s the reason why it’s such a small niche. People are giving the devs accolades for trying something outside the tried and true. Well, it’s a risk, and I think it’s a risk that will backfire on them. People want to be able to pve in peace. I don’t want to spend hours trying to gather Albion Online Power Leveling resources to make stuff just to have a bunch of gankers wreck me every time I try to progress. It’s not fun. When a game is designed to appeal to the wolves, the sheep become extinct. Wolves aren’t known for hunting each other, so yeah, have fun when that happens.

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