Memorable Fame Albion Online Exploits

A wipe is needed more now than ever. The fact tons of guilds have been farming guards this week ontop of atleast 2 memorable fame exploits, the fame system is completely useless currently. People that played legit are so far behind it’s disgusting. Anyone who thinks farming guards is some hard task is oh so very wrong. You can duo a t5 guard with absolute 0 issue as a healer/tank. Healing beam can outheal the guards damage and use 0 mana to keep spamming. The fact that devs are punishing people who abuse it AFTER multiple days of abusing it is beyond frustrating.

Last time i checked most people who have been crying arent passed tier 6 flat. casuals. whats keeps people like alpha players going is bad blood they created with other guilds. disrespecting other guilds by shitting on them while they try to get stronger tiers pve.people this is like the game of risk. stop trying to make it into the game of monopoly.I want games like Wow go play wow. there is a reason you are here testing. its cuzz your sick of wow, if your not go back. Let this game be created into the hardcore pvp game it was ment to be. go back to watching my little pony

To be honest all these Albion Online Power Leveling people complaining about zerg’s/ bigger guilds getting out of control in this game. I think it might be worth the dev’s time to setup season’s in the game ( look at systems like Diablo and POE). It appears a decent portion of the community gives up quickly once 1 or 2 guild appear to have gotten a significant amount of power. So having something like 6 month long season’s( wipe/restart at end of each season) would resolved this issue and keep the game fresh for all the people who just like to grind mobs all day. Which i think is a majority of the playerbase sadly.

It’s not why I play the buy Albion Online Gold  game personally, But I find it extremely difficult to find people to go out on pvp/pk runs in red/black zones with me.

Znick gefällt das.

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