Interesting And Fully Useful In Albion Online

That’s not how it works today, and it’s not how the devs new suggestion will work. With a proposal that disconnects the production from the Albion Online Silver leveling process we would finally achieve the state where crafters create value when they spend time, instead of collectively destroy eachothers market in a race to a finish line that doesn’t exist.

To be clear, my vision of things is that each part of the game should be interesting and fully useful in itself. Todays system makes almost all crafts in the entire game uneconomical unless you’re in the top-tier, almost solely due to the fact that people want to level past any given tier and don’t care for the market of that tier any further than that “they’ll get through this, there’s better crafts they can regain the value on later”.

I want T4.1 crafting to be just as viable from an economical standpoint by Cheap Albion Online Gold , as T5.2 or T7.1 – and if the supply and demand are both real, rather than inflated, then I believe this will happen.

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