Albion Online’s Building Up The Guild Territories

There were about 10 of us in the group and we ventured into some Yellow zones where we met our Lord Savior Jesus Chris of Albion, who trolled through half of our dungeon crawls and made a pretty mint by buy Albion Online Gold or two of the mobs and not having to share loot with the party. If you guys see Christ on a PvP zone, be sure to KoS…he made like 15k silver by trolling us…

Overall we did two T4 dungeons and while challenging we had a blast! Tanking was an adventure with such awesome healers like Valkyn and he pulling aggro off me stuck_out_tongue We were able to make about 7-10k silver per person (we donated a lot of it to get the guild territory!) and while he and I died a couple of times each and incurred some gear loss and massive repairs I would call the night a success!

he is really busy organizing all the crafting and building up the guild territories of  Albion Online Silver so I would like to take it upon myself to organize a couple of dungeon runs per week during this Alpha. Even if I can’t make it I can plan out the routes and gear criteria for each dungeon as we venture deeper into the map and get out of our comfort zone to test the limits of our skill and gear!

The idea is that this alpha if we die and lose our stuff it isn’t as important as understanding which dungeons require which gear types and group compositions. Thusly I propose we gander to the tile east of our Guild Territory (Tranquil Grove) and try that T5 (the resources in that tile are T5 and T6 for wood and cotton!) Dungeon, Pillar of Earth.

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