Its like you were trying to turn RS into some elitist little kids club

Its stupid how some people think they have a right to dictate how other people should play.

Even if someone did use deathtouched darts on a quest boss, it would make no harm to you.

Its like you were trying to turn RS Gold into some elitist little kids club. No room for people who cant or dont want to play over 3-4 hours a day to become good at this game.(Some people have responsibilities) No room for people who cant afford to have a state-of-the-art gaming computer solely for playing RS, so that there would be no lag and staying alive would be at least a distant possibility. No room for people who are stuck on a quest boss and therefore cant do quests, because that particular quest is a requirement to half of the other quests, making you fall behind lorewise, and miss 75% of all the other content too.

I would understand if there was a period of something like 2-3 weeks or until the next quest comes out, that the quest boss cant be deathtouched and during that period there was something little extra reward for the quest, something that anybody could get anyway, but but getting it would take a lot time or effort.

Besides IMO its a bad idea to have a new quest now when a raffle is going on.

The last time I repeatedly battered my head against a stupidly hard boss, I wrote off the quest for 2 years. And I don’t mean I tried a couple of times. I went at it again and again and again until I was screaming with frustration. Hard can be fun. Hard to the point of lunacy is just being obscenely contentious.

Let’s not forget that bosses are typically aimed at a particular combat level. And that boss maybe very challenging for them. But anyone expecting that level to take on a boss that a max player would find cheap runescape gold challenging, is just being ridiculous.

Game mechanics can make a boss a challenge, but never get there is a difference between a challenge and just being obscenely tough.

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