The MapleStory mechanics

And one last thing, there’s a feedback in this forum about the meso rate in reboot. One of the questions there is “How is the meso rate per hour when you train with normal intensity (please include if you use a pet and what level).” If pets wouldn’t give players such huge advantage then he wouldn’t care wether someone’s using a pet or not.

I would have expected better of you since you’re actually one of the names I see quite a bit on the forums being productive as well as constructive.

With all due respect, you are 100% wrong on this. Your conclusion, specifically, not how you got there. It’s not exactly about the loot delay, no. It’s about how many items a pet can pick up simultaneously, the mechanics of how that works, and from what computer, specifically, the pet is looting from.

When a player picks up an item, the game looks at what’s the ‘furthest away’ item from the relative ‘front of the MapleStory Mesos screen’ within your character’s lootbox. That’s the item you grab first. This is how a lot of the older players can loot mesos while being behind other items at the same time. It’s all mechanics and that’s how the game works.

That being said, a player can only pick up one item at once. When you pick an item up, there is a small delay before you can loot again. From what I’ve gathered, that’s a combination of ‘computer lag’ and ‘client-server lag’. The former you can fix by getting better hardware, the latter you really can’t. Even with a fiber line for internet connection, it will not increase the speed of which the server prioritizes your client versus any other clients connecting to it at the same time.

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Albion Online Weapon diversity

I assume this is already something being worked on but want to add it in anyway as it is very important to me. This covers both allowing all weapons to be used at novice tier (instead of just a very limited selection) and skill diversity on weapons (every slot on every weapon should have AT LEAST 2 abilities to choose from, 3-4 would be much better). Especially important is allowing all 1h Albion Online Power Leveling weapons to be used for tanking, so giving them the aoe taunt and the option for increased threat generation. Honestly I think even more than just the 1h weapons should be used for this as I don’t see a reason to limit who can tank. If your frost mage wants to tank with his AOEs, I’m all for it, more diversity is better.

The silver needs to be reduced a large amount or other aspects of the game need to change. One full run of a 3-5 man dungeon will net 5 people 50k+ silver each and doesn’t take that long to complete. Solo farming doesn’t even come close to this, or duo farming, and it seems a bit excessive to me. Additionally, I think the chance of loss should be reduced so silver also needs to come down.

I do not like having some random items breaking on death, sometimes a whole lot of items break for no reason that I understand. I assume it is to keep the economy moving since you have to replace those items but i wouldn’t rather see a durability degenerating system so gear just can’t be repaired forever instead of a pure luck based system that punishes you extremely severely if you are unlucky. Additionally something should be changed so that nakeds cannot just follow you around hoping someone dies to snag your gear and you cannot do anything about it since it is a green zone Albion Mall area. It doesn’t align well with other aspects of the game but instancing would probably be the easiest fix to stop this kind of behavior.

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The Drag & Drop Albion Online system

1.Party System – it was nice when you were in a guild together but I would love to be able to party with a friend who isn’t in my guild and have him marked as “not a threat” when we play together.

2. Minimap – I would love more options to interact with it, the double-click “Ping” was nice, maybe some Albion Gold Mall  personal markers or waypoints to mark locations for your party/group. I also come from Runescape and would love a feature where you would click on the Minimap and your character would do his best to travel to that location using the shortest path. you could easily break away by clicking off the map once to force a different movement or path.

3. Inventory – It felt a little slow with the Drag & Drop system, which reminds me when Minecraft had a  Albion Online Power Leveling similar feel to it, then they implemented the option to “SHIFT + Click” for an instant deposit/withdrawal of items to the nearest available open slot from top to bottom. As well as Left -click to pick up stack of items, Right-click to put down one from the stack or Left-click to put down the whole stack again. This system seems Simple and VERY convienent, also looting dead bodies and mobs would be faster in my opinion.

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That further illustrates the Albion Online point

It’s okay OfficerDoofy. Your stance has been duly noted, and your belligerent post clearly stating that you will insult anyone who disagrees with you has also been reported. I really don’t expect SBI to do anything though. They seem good at making threats. Let’s see if they will do the Cheap Albion Online Gold community a favor and remove your toxicity from the forums, and if we are really lucky from the game as well. Your kind are not needed, nor are they wanted. I’m sure you’ll insult me too. I mean it’s a sign of a great mind to insult people when he cannot argue effectively with facts. You are obviously one of the people who abuses this duel bug. Otherwise, why in the world would you get so offended that people dislike the exploit? Logic rules. I will continue to be the E Police and watch your threads, reporting any and all that are abusive. Go ahead and try me, internet tough guy.

You’re funny. You attack me with statements that you cannot hope to prove. You do so with terrible grammar that shows that you are actually the stupid one here. You think you are winning a discussion by being an insulting prick. That further illustrates the point that you are a low IQ, irrelevant internet bully. Way to go! You win at being an asshole, as you so aptly but grammatically incorrectly stated. Nice going, really. And to those that must know, I am NOT the Albion Mall  grammar police, but when some boor with a mental age of maybe 10 calls me stupid when he cannot even form a complete sentence with correct grammar, then yes, I will POLICE him.

Because I know OfficerDoofy needs the short version. You haven’t won a discussion. You have only made it clear you support exploits. Your attacks have not won anything. You are a loser.

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Good Item Albion Online Mall Ideas.

1. custom cloak design’s. upload new designs for cloaks to make people more unique. could cost 5k gold to buy a skin. cloaks are #1 selling item in the game.

2. Ramparts- Movable Albion Mall Ramptarts or catapults used for a siege on castle. have it in ur build icon or transport it there on a oxe to help break down castle doors or splash dmg on zergs.

have it that u need the materials to craft. like 300 ceder planks 100 blood oak logs and 600 gold per unit.

3. More uploaded Colors for cloaks. and Cloak Custom cuts. example a cloak that has back and front image.

4. Add ons to enchanted gear. Making enchanted armors look diffrent.

5. Blessed Enchantment scrolls- Being able to enchant A item giving it a grace upon death. Wont drop 1 x on death but wears off 2nd death with no enchantment leads to item being droped.

6. Race change. changes ur race into another. elf, orc, troll, etc

7. Certain New areas Like Fire valley or Frost mountain, Death valley. Sanctuary of evil. just new areas. that are themed. you can make it at the beginning of the area there is a Troll Toll booth and need 500 gold to accesss the area Gotta pay that troll that owns the Bridge. nahhh mean. and in this area can havea small town Like a guild Albion Online Power Leveling territory that allows you to access certain bank items but the rest of the map plots can be devided into the 3 zones again. few green few yellow few black zones. Giving players more variety of areas

8. I like the game but i think there is 0 creativity put into it. content the game has gets old within 30 days.

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Appealing Albion Online Game Mechanic

I was against battlegrounds at 1st but at this point, i dont see a way around it. The devs are constantly adding in instanced content to the point I hardly EVER see anyone in red zones while looking for PvP. We’ve tried all times of day and usually roam for about 3 hrs with 5. It’s been like this every single day for the last 2 weeks and now you’re adding solo instances. At this point, please just add a zone for PvP like Dark Age of Camelot had. You’re not going to find Albion Mall people grinding, most gathering spots are full, and you can’t enter blue portals when a group is inside so the game is just boring at this point. Oh and before you say try hellgates….out of the 5 we’ve done in 2 days, 2 of the times we ran into our alliance, 2 times had 0 people, and 1 time had a group of 3. Mind you our guild has about 8 actives and our alliance has less than that lol.

So yeah I am sorry quit complaining, asking for core changes to the game, and stating incorrect facts due to your own ignorance of the game. I Just joined this game during this CBT test and i roam solo and in small groups and have none of these complaints. I learn more about the in’s and outs of the game daily. But i can do what your complaining about can’t be done. I would say i got the knowledge to do that in under 24 hours of gameplay. Most of us defending the current core mechanics just want a game with meaningful PVP.

I agree. I hear this crap, and I think to myself. Yep, keep ragging everyone who has an idea. Even if an idea is perfectly viable and would not impact their game play, some people are threatened by anything that they think will prevent them from getting their gank on. At best, this is going to be a niche game. That’s not an overly appealing game mechanic. That’s the reason why it’s such a small niche. People are giving the devs accolades for trying something outside the tried and true. Well, it’s a risk, and I think it’s a risk that will backfire on them. People want to be able to pve in peace. I don’t want to spend hours trying to gather Albion Online Power Leveling resources to make stuff just to have a bunch of gankers wreck me every time I try to progress. It’s not fun. When a game is designed to appeal to the wolves, the sheep become extinct. Wolves aren’t known for hunting each other, so yeah, have fun when that happens.

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Memorable Fame Albion Online Exploits

A wipe is needed more now than ever. The fact tons of guilds have been farming guards this week ontop of atleast 2 memorable fame exploits, the fame system is completely useless currently. People that played legit are so far behind it’s disgusting. Anyone who thinks farming guards is some hard task is oh so very wrong. You can duo a t5 guard with absolute 0 issue as a healer/tank. Healing beam can outheal the guards damage and use 0 mana to keep spamming. The fact that devs are punishing people who abuse it AFTER multiple days of abusing it is beyond frustrating.

Last time i checked most people who have been crying arent passed tier 6 flat. casuals. whats keeps people like alpha players going is bad blood they created with other guilds. disrespecting other guilds by shitting on them while they try to get stronger tiers pve.people this is like the game of risk. stop trying to make it into the game of monopoly.I want games like Wow go play wow. there is a reason you are here testing. its cuzz your sick of wow, if your not go back. Let this game be created into the hardcore pvp game it was ment to be. go back to watching my little pony

To be honest all these Albion Online Power Leveling people complaining about zerg’s/ bigger guilds getting out of control in this game. I think it might be worth the dev’s time to setup season’s in the game ( look at systems like Diablo and POE). It appears a decent portion of the community gives up quickly once 1 or 2 guild appear to have gotten a significant amount of power. So having something like 6 month long season’s( wipe/restart at end of each season) would resolved this issue and keep the game fresh for all the people who just like to grind mobs all day. Which i think is a majority of the playerbase sadly.

It’s not why I play the buy Albion Online Gold  game personally, But I find it extremely difficult to find people to go out on pvp/pk runs in red/black zones with me.

Znick gefällt das.

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Interesting And Fully Useful In Albion Online

That’s not how it works today, and it’s not how the devs new suggestion will work. With a proposal that disconnects the production from the Albion Online Silver leveling process we would finally achieve the state where crafters create value when they spend time, instead of collectively destroy eachothers market in a race to a finish line that doesn’t exist.

To be clear, my vision of things is that each part of the game should be interesting and fully useful in itself. Todays system makes almost all crafts in the entire game uneconomical unless you’re in the top-tier, almost solely due to the fact that people want to level past any given tier and don’t care for the market of that tier any further than that “they’ll get through this, there’s better crafts they can regain the value on later”.

I want T4.1 crafting to be just as viable from an economical standpoint by Cheap Albion Online Gold , as T5.2 or T7.1 – and if the supply and demand are both real, rather than inflated, then I believe this will happen.

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Albion Online’s Building Up The Guild Territories

There were about 10 of us in the group and we ventured into some Yellow zones where we met our Lord Savior Jesus Chris of Albion, who trolled through half of our dungeon crawls and made a pretty mint by buy Albion Online Gold or two of the mobs and not having to share loot with the party. If you guys see Christ on a PvP zone, be sure to KoS…he made like 15k silver by trolling us…

Overall we did two T4 dungeons and while challenging we had a blast! Tanking was an adventure with such awesome healers like Valkyn and he pulling aggro off me stuck_out_tongue We were able to make about 7-10k silver per person (we donated a lot of it to get the guild territory!) and while he and I died a couple of times each and incurred some gear loss and massive repairs I would call the night a success!

he is really busy organizing all the crafting and building up the guild territories of  Albion Online Silver so I would like to take it upon myself to organize a couple of dungeon runs per week during this Alpha. Even if I can’t make it I can plan out the routes and gear criteria for each dungeon as we venture deeper into the map and get out of our comfort zone to test the limits of our skill and gear!

The idea is that this alpha if we die and lose our stuff it isn’t as important as understanding which dungeons require which gear types and group compositions. Thusly I propose we gander to the tile east of our Guild Territory (Tranquil Grove) and try that T5 (the resources in that tile are T5 and T6 for wood and cotton!) Dungeon, Pillar of Earth.

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Albion Online Behind In The Destiny Board

Pour vous connecter, veuillez indiquez votre adresse email et votre mot de passe. Si vous avez un compte sur Facebook, il vous suffit de cliquer sur le bouton FCONNECT, ainsi, tous vos contacts sur Facebook seront informés de votre actualité.

I agree that the wipe now is not good thing, I have already mentioned in other posts, I just do not agree with the fact you think it rewards losers. Unless I got it wrong by buy Albion Online Gold , the changes are shifting everyone accordingly with the new math behind the board. People behind in the destiny board are not losers, they have just spent less time than others and done less stuff. if you have got a life outside the game, doesn’t mean you are a loser in the game. Loser has nothing to do with progression, has something to do with pvp fights you want to be part of. Following that logic, anyone who is not playing 12-16 hours a day and leveling efficiently is a loser, which doesn’t make sense to me.

Korn stated in this thread that there wouldn’t be a wipe until the end of. I think one of the Albion Mall that people tend to overdo is this. They think from their perspective. They don’t think from the perspective of the devs. If the devs make a significant change, it’s because there is valid reason to do so. That actually means what the majority is saying is something being considered. So in a sense, your feedback is promoting change! But a wipe would negate what resulted in the change in the first place and the devs would have to wait for progression to catch up again. And I’d say that there would be less people to test because people in general are fidgety.

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